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Anouk Wipprecht is a designer and electronic wearables artist and has created a design dubbed the ‘spider dress.’ The spider dress comes complete with an Intel Edison chip that uses biosignals for protection, which is an intuitive system that uses biofeedback. It has the ability to record the user’s motions as well as their mental state. This dress is geometrically “healthy”, absolutely balanced, with flexibility and stability. Designers, artists, scientists, and engineers combine their knowledge for this important purpose. But what are the results? Is this something valuable for humanity, or something really evil?

Our Distance From Absolute Health

"This gives an interesting interplay between co-control and education of your own body and mind", Wipprecht said.



It is hoped that this dress will help us to detect mental illness and, in general, any non-typical human behaviors. If a person is either stressed or angered, without a rational reason, meaning, without a logical explanation, this person may well need psychiatric support. The dress has the ability to detect emotions and if we combine this with a camera and a microphone for recording the interaction between the person and his environment, we will have a clearer picture.

A non-typical human behavior can be detected. The spider dress extends the use of protecting older people with illnesses. During an unpleasant event an alarm is activated and notifies the appropriate support group. The dress understands and identifies the non-typical human behavior and detects the possible causes. Then it informs the system and requests immediate assistance.

Potential Future Applications Could Change the World

If we manage to expand our senses, like having stronger taste, or hearing at lower volume, feeling lower vibrations and seeing more clearly, this will be a huge step for humanity. A human being is capable of detecting vibrations up to 700 Hz. If we reach a total increment of the frequency of the vibrations, we can extend this capability, so we will be able to feel lower vibrations. The ability to have a communication between the animal and the human is a Tower of Babel, that was built between us and them, owing partly to the fact that we exchange messages on different frequencies. If we overcome this, we will succeed in reaching a conversation with another species. The animals have created different types of languages, because this depends on the physique of their body and their external environment. This needs to be expressed and discovered. What would happen if we examine the relationship between their communications during their actions? If we create patterns, then we can translate their language.

How to Detect Probable Future Diseases

A possible extension of the theory is the prediction of a future non-typical human behavior. As an example, we can consider a heart attack. We might have records listing the medical history of a person and these may show symptoms of high blood pressure. The dress can detect a tendency for a high blood pressure and informs the person that the levels are dangerous for their health. Even if there is a person with panic attacks, the dress will inform the wearer that it detects an abnormal increment of his stress. The real question for this new type of clothing is: “How far we can go?”

Top image: Women wearing the spider dress (IQ Intel)

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