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Dr Otilia Kocsis, MSc, PhD

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Dr. Otilia Kocsis received her BSc degree in Physics from the University “Al.I. Cuza” Iasi (Romania) in 1996, the MSc degree in Medical Physics from the University of Patras (1998), and the PhD degree in Medical Physics from the University of Patras (2004). From November 2002 until February 2008 she was working as a consultant for speech-based systems integration at SingularLogic A.E. (Greece). At the same time she was actively involved in a number of IST R&D projects (e.g. GEMINI, AMIGO, POLIAS). In the period March 2008 – June 2013 she was a postdoctoral researcher at the Artificial Intelligence Group of WCL, and was involved in the implementation of many R&D projects (MoveOn, PlayMancer, AmiBio, DRYMOS). In parallel, between September 2007 – February 2012 she was appointed on the position of Assistant Professor at the Technical Educational Institute of Patras, to teach Informatics and Research Methodology at the Social Workers School. In the period July 2013 – October 2015 she worked as an external consultant at SingularLogic, for the implementation of the R&D projects TELECARE and Cloud4All. She is currently a postdoctoral researcher in the Visualization and Virtual Reality Group. Her general research interests include telemedicine, mHealth, user modelling and profiling, and human computer interaction. She is author and co-author of more than 30 publications in international journals, conferences and edited books, and she has acted as a reviewer for several conferences.

Prof Michael Logothetis , Eng. degree and Doctorate in Electrical Engineering

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Michael D. Logothetis received his Dipl.-Eng. degree and Doctorate in Electrical Engineering, both from the University of Patras, Patras, Greece, in 1981 and 1990, respectively. From 1982 to 1990, he was a Teaching and Research Assistant at the Laboratory of Wire Communications, University of Patras, and participated in many national and EU research programs, dealing with telecommunication networks, as well as with office automation (including natural language processing). From 1991 to 1992 he was Research Associate in NTT’s Telecommunication Networks Laboratories, Tokyo, Japan. Afterwards, he was a Lecturer in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering of the University of Patras, and since 2009 he has been elected (full) Professor in the same Department. He teaches /taught the courses: Broadband  Telecom  Networks;  Telecom  Systems  I;  Computer Networks, Teletraffic Theory, Introduction to Communications/Communications Systems, and Network Management. His research interests include teletraffic theory and engineering, traffic/network control, simulation, performance evaluation and optimization of communications networks. He has published over 180 conference/journal papers and book chapters/proceedings and has over 550 third-party citations (current h=13). He has published a teletraffic book, in Greek (2nd issue in 2012). He has organized the 5th IEEE/IET International Conference on Communications Systems, Networks and Digital Signal Processing, IEEE/IET CSNDSP 2006, sponsored by OTE, the Greek PTT. Since 2010, he is a member of the Steering Committee of CSNDSP. He's reviewed many conference/journal papers. He served/is serving on the Technical Program and/or Advisory Committee of several international conferences and organized and chaired several technical sessions (in ICC, CSNDSP, PIMRC, HET-NETs, EMERGING, AICT) and has offered/organized three tutorial lectures in three conferences. He has become a Guest Editor in five journals: a) Mediterranean Journal of Electronics and Communications, b) Mediterranean Journal of Computers and Networks, c) IET Circuits, Devices & Systems, d) IET Networks, and e) Ubiquitous Computing and Communication Journal. He participates in the Editorial Board of the following three international journals: “IARIA International Journal On Advances in Telecommunications”, “Advances in Electronics and Telecommunications"–Poznan University of Technology, and “Hindawi Communications and Networking”. He is a member of IARIA (Fellow), IEEE (Senior), IEICE, FITCE and the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE).

Mr John Mourjopoulos,

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John Mourjopoulos is Professor in Electroacoustics and Digital Audio Technology at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the University of Patras in Greece. He has obtained BSc degree in engineering from Coventry University and MSc and PhD degrees in 1980 and 1985, from the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (ISVR), at Southampton University. He has authored and presented more that 180 papers in refereed international Journals and Conferences and was awarded the Fellowship of the Audio Engineering Society (AES). His research covers many aspects of acoustic and digital audio systems with emphasis in the application of signal processing methods for audio signals. He has been also involved in the measurement, modelling and analysis of the acoustics of ancient theatres. He is a member of the IEEE, the Audio Engineering Society and of the Hellenic Institute of Acoustics.

Prof Konstantinos Moustakas, PhD

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Konstantinos Moustakas received the Diploma degree and the PhD in electrical and computer engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece, in 2003 and 2007 respectively. He has been a teaching assistant in the same department (2004-2007) and a visiting lecturer during 2008. He served as a research associate (2003-2007) and as a post-doctoral research fellow (2008-2011) in the Informatics and Telematics Institute Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, Thessaloniki. His main research interests include virtual reality, collision detection, haptics, deformable object modeling and simulation, visualization, 3D content-based search, computer vision, and stereoscopic image processing. During the last three years, he has been the (co)author of more than 100 papers in refereed journals, edited books, and international conferences. He serves as a regular reviewer for several international technical journals and conferences. He has also been involved in more than ten research projects funded by the EC and the Greek secretariat of Research and Technology. He is a member of the IEEE, the IEEE Computer Society and the Technical Chamber of Greece.

Dr James Murphy, Ph.D

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James had his first exposure to laboratory research as a twenty-year old when he began working as a technician at the Columbia University Comprehensive Cancer Center. He eventually earned his doctorate in Biochemistry from New York University. His training focused on cancer biology and gene expression. Specifically he looked at mutation in cancer cells using the then relatively new Polymerase Chain Reaction technique that allows one to mass-produce copies of a DNA sample from small amounts of starting material. These mutations could influence gene expression in a way that leads to disease. His recent work has focused on chemical modification of proteins in plants and the role these changes have in the control of cell growth. Specifically, he examined the effects of acetylation on Methionine Synthase. Plants can’t grow are control gene expression without this enzyme. He has been a professor at Bloomfield College since 1994.

Ms Deirdre O’Donnell, MSc

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Deirdre O’Donnell received her MSc. from the National University of Ireland, Galway in 2007. She has been a professional writer for several years. Deirdre is also an experienced journalist and editor with particular expertise in writing on many areas of medical science. She is also interested in the latest technology, gadgets and innovations.

Mrs Meghna Rao, MSc

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A postgraduate in Bioscience with work experience in research and communications in the fields of science, health and medicine. Her specializations include writing and developing scientific material for websites, blogs, and other print and digital media, content curation and management, and medical proofreading and editing. She also has a fair knowledge in marketing communications and science journalism. Also, Meghna is passionate about yoga, working with non-profits and travel blogging.

Dr Charles R. Robertson, MSc, PhD

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Charles R. Robertson received his B.Sc. degree in Chemistry from the University of Nevada, Reno, in 2003, and his M.Sci. in Chemistry from the same institution in 2006 under the supervision of Professor Benjamin T. King. During that time he studied computational chemistry, physical organic chemistry, transition metal catalysis and synthetic chemistry. He applied this towards the synthesis of curved polyaromatic hydrocarbons. He earned his Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry in 2011 with his work on converting the endogenous neuropeptide galanin into and potential therapeutic for the treatment of pain and epilepsy. Dr. Robertson has also worked internationally with the University of Utah, Salt Lake City and Inha University, Incheon, South Korea at the Utah-Inha DDS & Advanced Therapeutics Research Center.

Ms Kanak Singh, PHD (currently pusuing) Sustainable analytics

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Research scholar in climate change and sustainable development. Masters in Environmental Management. Experienced Consultant and Project Lead in the environmental services industry. Skilled in GIS, Matlab, sustainable development, water management and environmental issues. Loves writing and travelling.

Dr Mica Smith, PhD

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Mica Smith attended Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington from 2007 to 2011, and graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in chemistry with a minor in Physics. She then went on to the Ph.D. program at the College of Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley, where she investigated the physical chemical origin of oxygen isotope distribution in atmospheric ozone and explored the properties of nitrous oxide generated in a corona discharge lightning simulator.